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Coconut flavored foot skin cream

Coconut flavored foot skin cream

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Heel skin anti-drying, hydrating and moisturizing care cream

Product Description:

  • Cream containing exfoliating particles that gently cleanse the skin of dirt and cuticles. Foot exfoliation and exfoliation massage.
  • Gently cleanses delicate feet. Creams containing massaging particles help cleanse and exfoliate the skin.
  • Don't let your feet lose their beauty. Foot care is essential to avoid skin problems.
  • Mild herbal extract. Skin is soft and supple thanks to natural herbal extracts.
  • Clean particles. Lightweight, natural exfoliating particles remove dirt and dead skin cells, leaving skin clean.

Part used: feet
Function: exfoliation
Product size: 3*12.6cm
Package Contents: 20g Foot Exfoliator


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