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Portable car smart screen wireless Carplay screen projection

Portable car smart screen wireless Carplay screen projection

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Backup Camera
Apple CarPlay:Supported
Android Auto:Supported
Single Unit Packaging Size: 21.0 cm * 13.8 cm * 10 cm
Screen Size:7" Inches (Diagonally)
Built-In Speaker:Yes
FM Transmitter:Yes
Audio Output:AUX / Bluetooth / FM / Built-In Speaker

Feature-Rich Design

The DrivePlay Ultimate is brimming with features, including seamless smartphone integration and a user-friendly touch screen, making every journey safer and more connected. It's the ideal blend of innovation and practicality, enhancing both your driving experience and vehicle functionality.

Movies on the Move

Transform your car into a mobile cinema with DrivePlay. Experience the thrill of your favorite movies and shows, right from your dashboard. Equipped with advanced screen sharing technology, this device seamlessly mirrors your smartphone's display, offering entertainment for every passenger. With a user-friendly interface and crystal-clear visuals, long drives turn into delightful movie marathons. It's not just a journey, it's a cinematic adventure.


Easily connect your iPhone to CarPlay using WiFi and Bluetooth with the DrivePlay Ultimate. This user-friendly device requires no technical skills for installation, making it accessible for everyone. It fully supports Siri, allowing for convenient voice commands. The DrivePlay Ultimate is also compatible with a variety of applications such as Maps, Waze, YouTube, and Apple Music, enriching your driving experience with navigation, entertainment, and more, all at your fingertips.


The DrivePlay Ultimate is a cost-effective alternative to traditional car stereo systems. Its installation is straightforward: simply plug it into your car's cigarette lighter port using the cable provided. This easy setup means you can start enjoying its features quickly, without the need for complex installation processes or additional expenses.


With the DrivePlay Ultimate, you can conveniently use Siri or Google Assistant to manage various functions hands-free. This includes making or taking calls, sending text messages, controlling your music playlist, managing GPS navigation, checking the weather, and much more, all through simple voice commands. This feature enhances safety and convenience while driving.


The DrivePlay Ultimate is designed for clutter-free installation in your vehicle, thanks to its long cable. This feature ensures a tidy and seamless setup, contributing to a more organized and aesthetically pleasing car interior. The length of the cable allows for flexible placement, making the installation process smooth and maintaining the neat appearance of your vehicle's dashboard.


The optional backup camera add-on for the DrivePlay Ultimate, while taking a bit more time to install, is an ideal solution for those needing visual assistance while reversing but lack a pre-installed system in their vehicle. For installation instructions, refer to the FAQ section at the bottom of the page. This add-on is perfect for enhancing safety and convenience during backing up maneuvers.

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